Student Council

Student Council

St Mary's CBS Student’s Council is elected each year to act as the voice of the students in the school.

The Student Council serve the student body by dealing with various issues and bringing the students perspective to all aspects of school life.

They provide a valuable line of communication between all the partners in education in the school. They are the link between students, staff, management and the auxiliary staff.

They are guided in their role each year by a teacher. This year the teacher with the responsibility for coordinating the Student Council is Ms Morrissey.

The Student Council are also very active in relation to fundraising for various charities. In the past, our Student Council members have organised some very successful events such as non-uniform days and tractor runs.

For more information on the role of the student council please click on the link below.

St. Mary's CBS Student Council

Please click on the picture below for a list of the student council members.

Student Council
02 2023
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17 2023
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23 2023
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