Tutor Focus: Monday November 2nd 2020


Study Plan: As we head in to the 2nd part of this school term it is good idea to settle in with a study plan. A good study plan will enhance our learning and allow us to allocate time equally between the different subjects. It can also help us focus on areas that we may find difficult. This week take time to make a plan that suits you and your learning needs. These questions may help you with your planning:

How did last half term go? Did I work hard? Did I achieve my Goals? Have I improved in any subjects?

Are there any questions I need to ask my Teacher to help me plan ahead?

Have I decided on targets or goals for the weeks ahead?

Do I know the calendar for the remaining school year, How many weeks to Christmas?

Do I know all the important dates regarding projects, deadlines, and CBAs?

Covid-19: This week and indeed every week we encourage all students to keep up the efforts against covid -19, Wash your hands, wear a fase mask, maintain good coughing and sneezing etiquette and social distancing.

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